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 Colossus Campaign - Phase One - Operation Spearhead

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PostSubject: Colossus Campaign - Phase One - Operation Spearhead   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:30 am

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Campaign: Colossus Campaign - Phase One

Operation Name:- Operation Spearhead (Sector One)

Elements Of Regiments/Battalions Included:-

6th Infantry Battalion - 
356th Infantry Regiment
31st Medical Battalion - 327th Medical Regiment
56th Engineer Battalion - 360th Regiment
63rd Royal Naval Division 
27th Royal Air Division

Initiation Phrase:- "Pegasus"


Operation Spearhead will be the next Invasion of Colossus. Though the first Invasion was a complete failure. We have took vicious strides to make sure there is not another disaster like previous encounters. This operation will be mainly based upon the Infantry to carry out to make room for the Navy to bring more equipment into the battlefield. Multiple Battalions inside the Infantry have been outfitted with new and improved armour for the Infantry. This is mainly built for the incoming operation which is at hand. Most of this operation will be for letting us gather a large stronghold in certain areas so our Navy are able to either land or stay in orbit. This entire operation is a one way ticket to get into a winning point in this entire war. This goes for the rest of the regiments which will be apart of this operation.

Breifing:- (Sector One)

Sector One will be one of the areas which are needed to be captured in order for the Navy and Airforce to be able to land and/or stay in orbit around Colossus. Though needed to acomplish this first goal the Infantry, Medical, Recon and Engineer Regiments are mixed up together to have this goal to be reached. 

In Sector One. There are three Main Anti-Aircraft weapons which are needed to be destroyed in order for any of the Navy to be able to land. It is the job of the Infantry to be able to get down there and destroy all three anti-aircraft weapons. These are multi role which will be able to destroy a ship even in orbit. Making this operation dangerious enough as it is for the Navy to get their ships into psosition to have the Infantry get into the Area of Operation (AO)

The Operation will go as followed:-

1) Navy will get the ships into the designated areas to drop the Infantry from the newly created Drop-Pods which will be programmed and used to hit all designated areas. This will however be the only way into the Colossus having the major risk factors for Navy getting destroyed while in orbit to launch these pods. The code "Pegasus" will be communicated to Initiate the Operation.

2) When the Infantry land in the designated AO's they will rearm and regroup together. Possibly split in terms of command to destroy each of the objectives in Sector One. Many recon reports have shown that there is major activity in each Objective area and throughout the whole AO. Teams are needed to work fast and efficiently when they hit the ground.

3) Judging on the command of the Infantry. Inside the surrounding outposts which contains the AA Guns are destroyed by using the set and designated Explosives. They are to regroup once again to attack the the main outpost which is located in the middle of the Designated zone. This will be the main attack for the Infantry to carry out.

4) Most of the ground is open and the temperature will be beyond freezing. This will require everyone to move as fast as they can towards the last objective. This objective is also heavily fortified by the Magera. This will need extreme combat sence and leadership to pull this off in the best way without casualties.

5) Once the main AA gun is destroyed and the Planet side is clear. The Infantry are to clear out the Main Underground bunker. This will contained old N.I.A documents and possibly Magera documents also. This is to be either destroyed or taken to ensure safety of possible N.I.A Documents. There is a high chance that the Magera have not cracked the system yet due to the complex system. This will be the secondary objective.

6) The Infantry are to make sure all of the underground complex and the surrounding complexes are completely cleared to ensure safety of everyone. Casualties and the Infantry are to be kept in the safety of the main outpost in order to regroup properly. Once this has been completeted. The main commander of the Operation which will be located on the field is to report of Sector One's capture and to await further orders planet-side.

That is all which is to be described of the Current operation. In order to keep this out of enemy hands. This file is to be destroyed before the operation and learnt in order to have the safety of any other future operations or sectors in the entire area. Failure in order to do this will result in be in trial by Court Marshal. 



// OOC. This will be a major event which will be going in plan for this saturday. Please keep this in mind for another post about this Event which will be written soon. Hopefully everyone will be able to join in on this entire operation due to 


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Colossus Campaign - Phase One - Operation Spearhead
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