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 :: N.I.A Database :: - :: Planet Database :: Colossus II

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PostSubject: :: N.I.A Database :: - :: Planet Database :: Colossus II   Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:04 pm

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:: Colossus II - Information ::

**Ariel Reconnaissance from Orbit on Colossus II conducted by the N.I.A. Pre-2240 Invasion**

Background:- Colossus II was originally founded during 2150 by an New International Alliance exploration team during one of the pushes of Alliance Colonization as they expanded throughout the universe. Whilst occupied by the Royal Lance Group, Colossus II by this time had served no real purpose. But until the N.I.A continued to expand through Colossus, a majority of the ships which had to pass during the Colonization period mainly had to pass through the area of Colossus. With this realization, the New International Alliance had begun to build Space stations and gave it regular resources in order to have it as one of the main refueling stations as ships passed by them. Colossus, being one of the first had others following Colosuss's footsteps in later colonized planets. Unlike most N.I.A planets, Colossus II was neither originally a planet which was preferred or colonized at all, there were little presence and people living there to where Colossus just seemed to be a usual stop. Though throughout the years, Colossus II became popular, even Colonists from Earth and many other surrounding planets began to settle, Dune was the first town which eventually become to be the capital city to be built, following the Colonization of Colossus, researches found that Colossus was rich and held with many resources which expanded more jobs and brought more people to settle at Colossus.

This lead with many facilities being build which essentially turned the planet into both a Space Port and also one of the major Industrialized planets which the Alliance have ever owned. Following with the industrial facilities the alliance began to become involved with expanding their lines throughout Colossus, eventually bumping into the Xeno Insect like race which had plagued other planets before to which eventually brought the formation of the Colossus Defense Force [C.D.F] Colossus I troops were equally distributed throughout Colossus II along with major recruitment along with this to fight against the Xeno threat. This brought many major Military facilities, along with science facilities to be built and which spanned across great areas along the surface. Unlike most planets, Colossus II even with its age had been one of the only planets which was left to be a desolate wasteland, apart from the cities which spanned in only a small area this was rather different then most Colonial planets.

As the war broke out, the importance of Colossus II had become to be immaculate, known by both the Mageran Republic and the New International Alliance realized its potential to be one of the key planets to be for resources and even the main road towards earth. This planet also counted to be one of the major planets of resource movement and supply shipping, during the early years of the war, the Alliance had eventually turned Colossus II into a completely Militarized planet. Building many Anti-Air guns, Anti-Infantry and Anti-Armor defenses along a majority of the key areas on the surface. The Alliance and the Mageran Republic have continued to fight over this one planet since the start of the war, The Mageran Republic eventually taken control during the later years of the war, the Alliance eventually pushing back in order to retake the areas it lost, which at first resulted in many casualties to the Alliance, but the tide turned during the second Invasion of Colossus II, one of the major parts of the war which had gone towards the Alliance's favor after a long line of defeats. To this day, Colossus II is still being contested over due to its importance. 

General Details:-

  Year Founded:-
Capital City:-
Dune City
  One Planetary Rotation:- 
27 Standard Hours

35 °C (95 °F) Average [Day]
-30 °C Average [Night]
Current Population:-

Pre-Invasion - 646,450 Aprox.
Post-Invasion - [Unknown]
Police Force:-

Pre-Invasion - Colossus Police Force [CPF]
Post-Invasion - [None]
Main Cities:-
Dune City (Pop. 348,000 Aprox.)
Crystalline City (Pop. 131,000 Aprox.)
Lachesis Colony (Pop. 164,000 Aprox.)
Main Exports:-
Rare materials & Minerals, 
Building Materials mainly.
New International Alliance Exploration Team 
Colonization by Royal Lance Group
Key Features:-
A Majority of Colossus IIs land mass is pure desert. 
While the another mass majority is large rock 
formations and mountains. Used to be main Space Port.

<<:: Other Details ::>>


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:: N.I.A Database :: - :: Planet Database :: Colossus II
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