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 Colossus Campaign - Phase Two - Operation Winback

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PostSubject: Colossus Campaign - Phase Two - Operation Winback    Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:29 am

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Campaign: Colossus Campaign - Phase Two (Taking Ground)

Operation Name:- Operation Winback (Sector Four)

Elements Of Regiments/Battalions Included:-

6th Infantry Battalion - 356th Infantry Regiment
31st Medical Battalion - 327th Medical Regiment
56th Engineer Battalion - 360th Regiment
63rd Royal Naval Division
27th Royal Air Division

Initiation Phrase:- "Domino"


The Magera have launched an offensive towards Sector Four in the main Invasion. Since we have stayed here for a while. We have been unable to take mass pushes due to the Offence of the Invasion scaling many losses. This has our job since we've seemed to be able to take enough damage from the Enemy and Xeno threat. We can move up and start to take more of the space needed for the Invasion force to begin to pop-up a little more. But here is the bad part of this Operation.

Moving up in the offencive without any help from surrounding regiments is the worst thing we can do. But we have to do it in order to relieve stress from other Regiments behind us. We did have this area for the first time. But it seems that the Magera taken out the last group which was sent there. We have no evidence on what happend to them. We lost contact within three Weeks during the operation.

This isn't going to be an easy mission. This is as harsh as it gets. And this is the reason.
Due to us making a push and not any other regiment. We're making a large bulge in the Magera lines if this goes right. But it doesn't mean they wont take back any of the surrounding areas. behind that sector. Since we don't have enough bodies to send into these surrounding sectors, having to make these people replacements for the frontlines.

This'll possibly make your regiments get into deep trouble when it comes to using the supplies given. This meaning you will not be getting many supplies through which consist of Ammunition. We'll give you a start off pack for everyone in the operation and some Supplies when you get sent through. But you're all going to have to be careful this time without busting off alot of ammo.

As I said. This will be a very dangerous mission. Do not underestimate the enemy in this area. They've already shot down two of our ships in the area already. You'll be going against something big in this sector. So do not fuck around when it comes to taking over your first plot of land. The Magera like keeping their areas so don't let them take it back. Use your heads this time everyone.

Breifing:- (Sector Four)

Objective One:- Capture the Magera controlled Town with minimal casualties. This will require a full move-in also and this will be the first Outpost we have to capture and KEEP in order to maintain some dominence inside Sector Four. Defend this outpost at all costs.

Objective Two:- Capture the Magera controlled lab and seize anything which will be in there and use it for your own uses. Any data which might be found inside should be brought back to a CO or anyone else as a ranking Officer and to be sent over to Intelligence for marking. This is also another station to be kept' controlled by the N.I.A. Loosing it will cause a sudden loss of vehicle use. Do not loose this area!..

Objective Three:- Occupy this Area until further notice. Defend this Sector at all costs and await further orders. Do not fail this objective. Result in failure can be catastrophic.

Reconnaissance Pictures + Descriptions:-

Abandoned Town:-

Status:- Currently Occupied by Magera Troops.

Possible Uses:- Farming + Common Outpost

Description:- This Town, the name being unknown is currently occupied by the Magera. It holds atleast 20 Soldiers inside. The only way into the outpost is through the front door. The back of the outpost is defended by two guards on towers. Though there is also another entrance which is seen by the reconnaissance photos indicates that one of the walls is currently damage. This can be used for a inner attack inside the town to help the attacking teams from the inside. Though it is very limited and will possibly have this team guarded off.

Though the dangers of this one outpost is simple. They have a possible MG nest on one of the main buildings inside the zone. This facing the Western flank. Also some areas in this nest are unboarded. So there is a possibility they can move that MG nest to face the gate.

Through the main gate there is also a Sentry station and also an MG nest. This will mainly be used to face the northern flank of the town. Keeping some unwanted people inside. This will be a required station to capture if we atleast want one section of this sector to be ours for the taking.  


Abandoned Lab + Engineering Station:-

Status:- Currently Occupied by Magera Troops.

Possible Uses:- Research + Vehicle Matinence

Description:- This Magera occupied lab and also Vehicle Depot is to be seized and anything inside it should be taken also. This shouldn't be very much of a fight since half of the stuff in there looks unfinished. But it doesn't mean it wont be defended heavily  Anything can be inside that main garage and it could possibly be waiting for the N.I.A to be knocking on its front door sometime soon. This is a vital part of the main objective if you are looking to maintain any vehicles or anything else for the taking.

Not much can be said about this station but it is really bare bones when it comes to its defences. It doesn't have much to it but that bunker alone looks like it is able to withstand anything. It is your duty to capture this and take out anything which is inside then turn it against the Magera if possible. Any data found inside is to be sent to a Commanding Officer.




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Colossus Campaign - Phase Two - Operation Winback
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