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 :: N.I.A Database :: - Military Police Protocol Document

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PostSubject: :: N.I.A Database :: - Military Police Protocol Document   Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:58 pm

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*OPENING FILE - "Military Police Protocol"

As a Military police officer, you are accepting and you will abide by these rules in order to keep those you work with safe and others safe also. Being a Military police officer is a big responsibility. You are undertaking a job which keeps Law and Order in the Military ranks. You are trusted to be capable of being able to keep Law and Order when you are at your work place and within those around you and those you work with.

Military Police – Protocols

The Military Police, you are the ones know to be the Military Provost. You are the ones who serve the New International Alliance to uphold the law within the Military, and you are to do what is required in order to judge those who have broken the law and follow the right protocols in order to keep you and them safe. When you are in the Military Police, your jurisdiction is to cover all aspects of crime, this branches to crime such as, Theft of property, Murder or even activities which are to be considered against the New International Alliance.

As being in the Military Police, you have the ability to judge on right authority regardless of the persons rank and authority they hold within the rank structure. You are here in order to rub and eliminate elements which are deemed criminal, the only ranks you shall obey are those who operate within your group. Your own people.

Criminal activities can range from being low to very serious crimes, there are strict protocols and color codes in order to deem whether or not if it is a serious or low crime which is taking place. These color codes will help you know in order to know when to act peacefully or forcefully.

Color codes come in four different colors. Also known as Alert codes. Each of them have their own protocol you should follow and you will follow this to deem if the action to be taken goes under these codes. Starting with the first.

Code Green:- This is ruled to be witnessing no Direct threat to you or any other officer around you or any personnel around you also. Within this code, you are to do what you can in order to resolve the problem peacefully, how you do it by keeping your Stun-Baton is completely up-to you. Though it is recommended you to be prepared for anything which could possibly escalate to serious actions.

Code Amber:- A Direct threat can be considered a Code Amber, this will have you and other officers around you to be completely alert and ready for any action which may take place. Firearms are completely able to be used by the Officer but only if necessary. This also means that any Military Police Officer will then have to travel around the Ship/Base/Outpost in groups of two rather than themselves.

Code Red:- When lives of Military Police or others on the ship are at risk. Military Police are required to begin keeping order in the most heavy way possible, this being a way of force whilst also keeping minimal casualties. Military Police will have the ability to use anything which is needed for their arsenal in order to regain order throughout the area, Military Police are also to keep in large groups when Code Red is alerted. Anything for firepower can be used as long as discipline on using firepower is maintained. Any force can be used to take out very dangerous threats, though still keeping minimal casualties on the ship.

Code Black:- Code Black is alerted when a life of a member of the Police Force has become a fatality. This is the highest code and the most lethal code which is authorized to the Military Police Officers to bring back order. Military Police Officers will be tasked to do a full lock-down of the Base/Ship/Outpost in order to keep those at bay, and without proper authorization, units who are caught outside of zones which they are to keep safe, designated as Safe-Zones. The unit caught will have a chance of being under K.O.S [Kill On Sight] or R.O.S [Restrain On Sight] Depending on the situation given, Military Police Officers also to call in for back-up and S.O.S to transmit to others who are also law enforcement. This bringing in the highest level of authority within the New International Alliance, The Internal Affairs. Code black is the final resort for the Military police officers to call and should be used lightly but operated heavily.

Military Police – You and Them

How to Act around Military Police Units:-

The Military Police are to be treated with the up most respect around the Ship/Base/Outpost, regardless of rank they will not be tolerating any sort of misbehavior from any unit which deems to go against them. If no respect is shown and the behaviour towards the units are poor, the Military Police Officer will have the ability to give those without respect a beating and/or detention in the cells. This being on any severe results of disrespect.

Military Police officers also have the ability to under the right consequences be able to command others around them. They are permitted to command if an order is to be carried out on escorting a unit which has broken the law or any other situation such as solving a crime which has been committed. Failure to complete or abide by these tasks could result in a severe punishment by the Military Police. They are here to maintain the peace and they will do what they can in order to keep it maintained.

Military Police officers are to also be addressed as `Sir` regardless of their MP Ranks. They are higher than you no matter what branch you are in and they they demand and deserve the up most respect by you and those around them. Though by personal preference, the ability to address them as `Sir` is optional. They can also be addressed as 'Officer' and then their last names. -Never- address them as their first name. Military Police Officer are also to show respect to those who show respect towards them and are not to abuse their authority with their behavior.

For Commanding Officers [COs] and Non Commissioned Officers [NCOs] on the Ship/Outpost/Base. They have no authority on commanding a Military Police Officer for whatever situation given. They are to never be used for anything else of their duties unless given the permission to do so by a very high-ranking member of the Military Police Force. Any attempt in commanding an MP will possibly result in disrespect and then eventually detention and judgement.

It is to be noted to all Military Police Officers if anything regarding the misbehavior or any serious acts which are conducted by a Commanding Officer is to be requested to be handled by the Internal Affairs [IA] You have no authority in order to give judgement on an Commanding Officers without the Internal Affairs present. You are only to defend yourself if a Commanding Officer acts in a hostile way and you are to work on self-defense.

Section Two: Crimes & Protocol

Introduction -

Becoming a Military Police Officer in the Alliance Military brings an important role to ensuring order to all facilities of the Alliance. Being apart of the force will allow you to bring law to the Military, covering all topics to do with crime in the Military. Weather the crime be petty theft, murder of Alliance personnel to even possible activities which go against the Alliance, also known as rouge activities.

As a Military Police officer, you have the jurisdiction to keep everything under control, following the protocol provided which this document will explain. No matter who is suspected of committing crimes within the Alliance Military, Officers are to respond to all factors of crime. No matter who the suspect is, the Officer will do all in their power to bring law into effect.

Crimes & Protocol -

This section will label all crimes which can be expected whilst operating in an Alliance Facility, or area in which the Military Police are considered the appropriate power to deal with the law. Whilst operating as an Officer, you have the responsibility to follow protocol and to deal with situations as fluently and safe to yourself and others around you.

Possession / Intoxication of Illegal / Banned Substances -

Alliance personnel whom are in possession and/or intoxication of Illegal or banned substances are to be apprehended and detained as quickly as possible. Officers will then have Medical Personnel if the subject is intoxicated to be sent forward in order to be sure that the safety of the intoxicated subject is safe. Unless the subject is found in possession, you will be needed to detain them in cell, following s full search of their person and belongings in their barracks.

If it is suspected that the subject apprehended is not the only personnel who may be in possession this will give rights to Officers to do a ship-wide search in others personal possessions in order to find anymore substances. If any substances are found in other subjects property, they are to be dealt with by detainment. Once this has been done. Officers are to report to their Commanding Officer, specifically a Police Chief following a report on the subjects violation.

Once the subject has been found of possessing illegal substances, they are then to be dealt with by a dishonorable discharge and sent off to an Alliance Prison. If this is not a possibility, the Subject is to be executed. Following up on the Intoxication of a subject, unless the subject is under intoxication which is not on purpose. (E.g. Food / Drink “Spiked”) Or for any other examples, the subject is to be held for medical treatment until further notice. Along with this an investigation and search of Alliance personnel property.

Assault - Aggravated Bodily Harm [ABH] -

Assault is seen to be an offense which can either result in minor or major injury to personnel of the Alliance. ABH is identified if in which a subject has been attacked by another subjected without any cause and also using a deadly weapon. along with this, the defending subject being unable to defend themselves. The Aggressor is to be apprehended safely, unless for example if the Aggressor is hostile towards an Officer, Officers will be authorized to use their ability of deploying a taser gun in order to defend themselves, following the appropriate usage of the taser. Unless the Officer does not have a taser to their disposal, they are to use their baton in order to force the subject to be apprehended.

Once the aggressor has been apprehended, they are to be detained inside a cell. Once they have been detained, if not done already. The defender is to be taken to medical personnel if need be, if not then they are to be questioned and will have to write a statement describing how the incident occurred. Along with this, any witnesses around during the offense are to write a statement also.

Once statements have been written, the Aggressor if they have not been acting under a form of defense will be detained for longer, following public punishment, preferably multiple lashes. Afterwards, the aggressor is to then be executed under Capital punishment. Though, in under any circumstance that the Aggressor have acted in a defensive manner, ABH should not be the conviction.

Definitions of ABH:-

  • Cause serious bodily injury to another person with a deadly weapon.

  • Cause grievous bodily harm [“Unlawful wounding”, “Malicious wounding”, “Inflicting grievous bodily harm” “Intending to cause harm”]to another person, such as rape or kidnapping.

  • Have sexual relations with a person who is under the age of consent.

  • Cause bodily harm recklessly operating a vehicle.

Murder / Attempted Murder -

If a Subject is under suspicion of murdering or plotting to murder Alliance personnel. The Subject is to be detained in an Alliance cell and then put through investigation. Until evidence has been recovered by the investigation in which the Subject is guilty. The Subject is to be taken from detainment, following to execution. The Subject is to punished by immediate death by firing squad. Though this action is to be authorized by the chief of police or an Officer of the Alliance Military. Multiple subjects who may be involved in Attempted murder / murdering of personnel, not matter by any means should any subject get a lesser sentence.

Exceptions, depending on the circumstances (E.g: If a suspect is forced to murder personnel and have no possibility in any choice in the matter.) The forced Subject is to be detained, and then sent off to an Alliance facility and removed from the Ship / Facility where they are stationed.
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:: N.I.A Database :: - Military Police Protocol Document
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