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 Experimental Development Report - Dr.Vincent Hyuga

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PostSubject: Experimental Development Report - Dr.Vincent Hyuga   Fri Jan 10, 2014 6:56 pm

Experimental Development Report ~ Conducted by Dr. Vincent Hyuga of the head facility.

Warning: The following notice is highly classified to N.I.A. personnel only, any leak to civilian / enemy base will result in a prosecution sentence depending on leaked information and how much is given out! ~ Carried out in permission/warranted.

"I have conducted up to 4 experiments involving pulse frequencies regarding different weaponry and their status, for example, I tested out different elements and material that worked well with the pulse frequency, I managed to create a device in which pulse can be tested in many different fields, this device will also be implanted in the weapons, and of course like many other weaponry in our arsenal, requires a recharge or 'MAG Exchange' as the others call it, the material in each weapon is surprisingly shaped to fit the deal of the weapon and how much frequency is fired out between each round, if my theory is correct, I would like to acquire a few of the marines to fire these weapons and give it some criticism or positive feedback, either is good, here are the progress and further information of the experiments:"

EX512 Pulse Rifle - Emplacement
Progress: Not completed, however showing signs of completion is very possible, we're currently looking for material that can agree to holding onto the pulse frequency, this is an emplacement and somewhat of a test gun, but with the best properties of the weapon itself, the clamp underneath can tighten on any surface, but it's also much more harder to use than it's lighter and portable counterpart.
Success Rate: 89% - Material Needed!
Developed by: The Science Team~

EX513 Pulse Rifle
Progress: As the EX512's progress rating, we require material built same with the EX512 model, but more compact and much more easier to use, the progress is being recorded at the same pace as EX512.
Success Rate: 89% - Material Needed!
Developed by: The Science Team~

JT2236 - Pulse Rifle
Progress: Developed independently by Vincent Hyuga, the progress rating is close to complete, but had to be halted for the EX51x series to be developed, the material found was a mixture of surprisingly common nature yet effective girth and grip, it's current usage is used to kill Arachnids, cook the Arachnids from the inside.
Success Rate: 97% - Almost Finished in Design!
Developed by: Dr. Vincent Hyuga~

EX514 - PULSE CANNON - Emplacement
Progress: This beast cannon is a Rail-Gun with a high danger octane guideline, The Pulse is measured and can burn out a lot of the charge, causing reloading to be constant, though it has extremely high firepower to back up it's punch, the progress rate is going steadily, however needs to be checked by supervision, and needs careful examination and testing before final use.
Success Rate: 85% - Material is needed, but needs to be examined before final tests are instant.
Developed by: The Science Team~
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Experimental Development Report - Dr.Vincent Hyuga
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