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 Colossus Campaign - Side Operation - Operation El Alamein

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PostSubject: Colossus Campaign - Side Operation - Operation El Alamein   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:28 am

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Operation El Alamein (SECTOR SIX) - Stranded*


Campaign: Colossus Campaign - *Not Official* - 
Operation El Alamein

Operation Name:- Operation El Alamein (Sector Six)

Elements Of Regiments/Battalions Included:-
104th Science Division - Assinged 'Prefect'
63rd Naval Division - Assinged 'Prefect'
201st Reconnissance Division - Assinged 'Prefect'
76th Engineering Corps - Assinged 'Prefect'
204th Military Police Brigade - Assinged 'Prefect'
25th Military Intelligence Battalion - Assinged 'Prefect'
54th Medical Division - Assinged 'Prefect'
356th Infantry Division - C Company


Elements of various Units inside the USS Prefect has been shot down by a weapon which was developed by the Mageran New Republic which has been designed which is experimental to take down ships in one blow. The Ship named the USS Prefect experienced this which caused elements and many of the people on the ship to abandon ship and then be scattered along the desert. Which then has now put everybody into a bad position. What this currently means is that they have limited ammo. Their equipment is completely scarce, not only that but the only thing they can get is Ammo drops and fresh recruits which will be needed to be dropped in Via Transport, this can be done but we are unable to evacuate everybody due to too much being at stake here. We need to hold the line and get another ship for their replacement to be dispatched to their location. It is currently unknown when this will happen but all of these elements have a lot coming to them. All they need to do is survive and hold that Compound until support arrives. 

Breifing:- (Sector Six)

1) Secure a base of Operations on the ground. The Compound is a good area to take inside Sector Six. This will be the main point where these elements will hold off attacks both Bug-like and also Mageran. Most of the hostility will come from the Magera but they will need to keep their eyes open on the Bug Activity which has recently sprung up in that Sector. [Completed]

2)Defend that Area at all costs. This Compound alone has to be defended by the current elements in order to complete the objective. If they loose the compound there is a heavy chance that we will not be able to rescue the elements down there which will possibly put them under sudden death. What is known is that a source of supply can be called in but only when the Communications center inside the outpost itself has been fixed. [Completed]

3) Keep the Mageran Officer Alive/Kept. As much as they hate this order they will need to keep the Mageran Officer the captured alive. Killing him could possibly bring more heat onto the elements already on the surface which will give the Magera an entire reason itself to level the area with nothing but Artillery and possibly kill them all in one shot. What will need to be done is to keep constant watch on him and also don't give him a chance on escaping. We -NEED- this Officer to be returned to Head Quarters for further investigation. [Completed]

4) Keep the VIPs Alive/Kept. As bad as this sounds it does not mark off that anybody on this list is not as good as the people who are going to be listed below. But we can not loose some of these people due to the importance of what they might know along with that they are needed for further operations to come and also for other reasons which are disclosed for Classified meanings. These people are the following which are considered VIPs and should be kept either under control or in our reach.

- Cpt. Jacob Morris [Alive]
- Cpt. Kiera Simmons [Alive]
- Col. Kazuma Yamaguchi [Alive]
- Dr.  Vincent Hyuga [Alive]
- Dr.  Thiago Santos [Alive]

Keep them protected at all Costs. [Completed]




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Colossus Campaign - Side Operation - Operation El Alamein
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