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 Hydra I Campaign - Phase One - Operation Anvil - Sector Five

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PostSubject: Hydra I Campaign - Phase One - Operation Anvil - Sector Five   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:27 am

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Operation Anvil (Sector Five)*


Campaign: Hydra I Campaign - Operation Anvil - Sector Five

Operation Name:- Operation Anvil (Sector Five)

Elements Of Regiments/Battalions Included:-
104th Science Division - Assigned 'Sector Five'
63rd Naval Division - Assigned 'Sector Five'
201st Reconnaissance Division - Assigned 'Sector Five'
76th Engineering Corps - Assigned 'Sector Five'
204th Military Police Brigade - Assigned 'Sector Five'
25th Military Intelligence Battalion - Assigned 'Sector Five'
54th Medical Division - Assigned 'Sector Five'
356th Infantry Division - C Company

Supporting Elements Of Regiments/Battalions Included:-
63rd Artillery Division - Assigned `Multiple Sectors` 

*Picture of Hydra I*

Rumours are true. The Mageran Republic has attacked both Atlas II and Hydra I. Two days ago they launched multiple attacks on both Colony planets. A large portion of the N.I.A Lines have already been pushed back far enough that we can't afford on loosing any more territory. Those stationed previously were nothing but the Home defence forces of the N.I.A. Preferably designed to babysit the planet and be used as a sort of Militia force. They got attacked hard and fast. This means we will need to pull out every possible unit from Colossus as well as bring in new green Recruits so we are able to do what we can to take back and hold those lines as firmly as we can.

This means that Supplies are going to be low. It's a hard thing to say but we will be bringing in all we can to be able to support the Units which will be sent there. What can be said now is within these hours. Gather all the Ammunition you can and prepare for landing soon enough. Most units will be doing the same things so you are not the only ones prepping for this attack using nothing but reserve ammo and washed up rations. We have to send experienced soldiers first in order to completely nail down and squash the defence lines as thinly as possible so we are able to at least hold something for a single day. Though most who come from Colossus have done the same thing already so this should give us hope on those who are being sent.

Once again you have to gather all the equipment. This does not mean we will not have any ammunition given to you in the future, as well as hot food  All it means is that due to the travel of bringing in Recruits fast as possible from Boot Camp will mostly occupy the spaces of the aircraft on what we will be sending there I guess the only resupply you will be getting is from the Recruits we send. I also strongly advise everybody takes winter clothing for this Operation and get as comfortable as you can wearing it. Hydra is a very cold planet and we don't want people freezing to death while holding the lines. We haven't got much time left before everybody departs, your places on Colossus will be taken by other Recruits due to recent Operations the Magera are pretty much unable to hold the lines. The Regiments & Divisions being sent to Colossus will be experienced enough to at least hold their lines.

Briefing:- (Sector Six)

*Current Photos of Sector Five Outpost*

1) Hold the Line - Sector Five will be our position  The main objective currently will be holding the line against the Mageran Forces. We will be replacing seats with the 'N.I.A.H.G' [New International Alliance Home Guard] So this does mean that we will be seeing them leave and they'll be the ones going for months of hot food and warm beds. While others however will be having fun on an Ice Cold planet sleeping in makeshift buildings. At least our beers will be cold right? [In progress]

2) Any possible attacks to open up a gap in the Mageran Lines - Take it - Just because we don't have much supplies. We will only have a gap between us and the Mageran Republic. The only thing separating us is fog from seeing each other from a long distance. As well as the already destroyed building. [In progress]

3) Defend our Lines - As said during the briefing itself. We are unable to loose any more territory any of it being lost could mean that we will loose a hell of a lot of Resources and there is not a single way in falling back to any other unit this time. We have a strong gap between us and an actual HQ. So don't expect to be able to run that very easily. Everybody fights on that line until their last breath. [In progress]

4) Take what we can - We're going to be rushed and very limited on supplies when we get there. As it seems it's a hell of a lot easier for the Mageran Republic to get ammunition to their lines because they were prepared for this. So that means that they will be resupplying their lines when they can. Our job is to weaken those forces to take and snatch completely everything which comes down their supply line. Ways to do it will be explained soon. [In progress]

That's all I'm able to discuss with everybody at the moment. Please do take care of yourselves this time around as supplies are going to be very thin. It's come to the point of where it's been said that the Regiments who have already replaced the 'N.I.A.H.G' took ammo from the units who were completely walking the other way from them as they moved towards the line. If that's not a morale changer I don't know what is. Sadly I'm going to task you all on doing the same. Even if it means looting one of our own fallen Comrades just for a bullet or two. Dismissed. 




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Hydra I Campaign - Phase One - Operation Anvil - Sector Five
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