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 Argon - Espérer resort colony

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PostSubject: Argon - Espérer resort colony    Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:14 am

Welcome to the N.I.A Database - Please Login to ensure full confirmation.




Login Confirmed! Welcome XXX. XXXXXXX XXXX

*OPENING FILE - Espérer  *

Planet: Argon
Colony Type: Resort
Status: Safe
Resident Population: 2,534
Visitor Population: 453,876


Discovered by the N.I.A cruiser 'Bonaparte' led by Captain Bertrand Argon in 2232. The plannet was full of exotic life and filled with vast oceans, After scanning the planet and evaluating it, it was found that many storms struck at the northern and southern hemispheres leaving the equator land mass the only suitable area for human life to withhold, with thus the colony Espérer was constructed in 2234 slowly becoming a vacational hot spot. Due to rising enterprises on the planet it has grown expensive to buy a home at Espérer causing the small residented population and a bigger visitor population. With the Residential population still so low it is still considered a Colony by N.I.A Officials.

Notable areas:-

Bio-Generators:- The two Bio-Generators are the main source of power for the colony of Espérer. Although there are only two of them near the shores of the colony they provide enough power for the colony to run it's needed facilities and more for the resorts and other high end places within the colony. The area is restricted to any tourists or residents of the planet only allowing technicians inside the Bio-Generators.

Residential zone:- The residential zone holds the small population of on-planet residents of Espérer. This area is not entirely large, most of the homes are futher away from the main shore line but holds enough well kept homes for the residents of Espérer.

Resort zone:- The main zone of Espérer. It holds many resorts, businesses, and highly kept hotels. Most of the resorts are help by the shoreline and kept to a strict code by the N.I.A, the same goes for the major hotels and businesses due to the recent years of war. This area is well kept by the N.I.A and also the most active part of the colony at almost every hour.
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Argon - Espérer resort colony
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