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 Captain Kaitlyn Robinson - :: N.I.A Database :: - Logs

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PostSubject: Captain Kaitlyn Robinson - :: N.I.A Database :: - Logs   Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:03 am

Log #50 - Hello Again.

Oh wow. It's been a while hasn't it? I was willing to start using this again after the whole nonsense at Atlas II. But I never really got myself around to doing anything really. So I suppose I'll start talking or writing into this I suppose. going to express what has been on my mind lately, events. All of that good stuff which people or at least myself can be interested in every once in a while.

So yeah? What have I been up to recently? Well, I've recently been stationed on a small outpost in the middle of nowhere basically with the new ship in which I'm going to be stationed on soon enough. After Atlas II when that had gone to complete shite I have pretty much been keeping to myself. We never really expected that to go so wrong, but I'm not really sure who to blame here if anybody. Intelligence had caught themselves off-guard when the Magera responded on Atlas II so quickly then we imagined. So much for reservists right?

So yeah, the Outpost is called Kingdom. Quite odd since I've named a lot of outposts in my time with the similar name. I was stationed here due to the fact that I've just come back from leave,I'll be stationed with a new company soon enough and I'll be sent off god knows where. So I'm just in Kingdom Outpost which is just outside of Earth right now, quite close to the moon though. It's rare that I ever get to see Earth anymore given the circumstances. It has been great to return home again and see plenty of my family again, even though some of my family such as my brothers and sisters not being around, but I'm sure they'll manage missing some of the dinner we had back at our parents place. Better then what I'm usually used to when I'm out on my tour of duty again, I see plenty of ships passing by everyday, either returning home after a Campaign on some planet or ships simply going out to fight in another front, they come and go really.

Apart from being stationed here though, not much has happened. Got myself a current room-mate. She's quite alright. We hang around quite regularly, we're both from different companies, same Division. She's a Lieutenant, the reason why she's here is more or less because this bloody outpost doesn't allow us to have separate rooms for COs. But It's alright though, she keeps to herself and so do I. But she's great to have a conversation with every once in a while, Oh. I forgot to mention her name. Her name is Alisa Clarke. She's a nice lass, oddly enough she's from England also. So we have a lot in common here, she's a great person to chat too. I'll leave a picture below.

**Picture of myself and Alisa, Kyle took the picture one of the fellas' who work here. We've just moved in so the room is quite messy.**

Soon enough I'll be more or less called for duty soon. Right now I've come back to service early due to this fact so I want to get used to Military life before I start forgetting stuff. I've applied for some courses which will help me with a few skills and I've been learning from them I suppose. I will admit that I miss being in my combat armor right now but since I've been here I've been able to work with some of the new firearms which have recently come into favor by ourselves. Can't wait to test them out in the future. Though, speaking of firearms. I've got my old girl back. Apparently I left my old service revolver back at home when I started my service from my last tour. Only a few people have this service revolver, but I missed it. It's my sweet little Girl. Thanks Dad. 

**My Baby <3**

Trust me when I say I've been using this weapon a lot whilst I've been on the range here. It's fun to be able to fire this weapon again after so long, I can't believe I left it the last time. I should become of use to me when I'm back on the field, if and when that is going to be. Can't say I want to go back to doing that again but I have to do my part I suppose. Though when that time comes I'll apparently be represented with another Company, new people and new boots to deal with. I'll be sure to do what I can to shape them up into being soldiers again, I just hope this time around there isn't a bunch of idiots who cannot control themselves. We'll see though.

But yeah, that's all I have for now. I'll be sure to do what I can with these logs again and I'll work on them I hope. So yeah, goodbye. I'll speak soon.


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Captain Kaitlyn Robinson - :: N.I.A Database :: - Logs
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