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 :: N.I.A Database :: General. Warren Ortega [M.N.R]

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PostSubject: :: N.I.A Database :: General. Warren Ortega [M.N.R]   Wed Feb 11, 2015 7:15 pm

Welcome to the N.I.A Database - Please Login to ensure full confirmation.





Login Confirmed! Welcome XXX. XXXXXXX XXXX

*OPENING FILE - "General Warren Ortega"



General Information


Full Name:- Warren Ortega
Nickname(s):- [None]
Age:- 35
Homeworld/Colony:- Omega
Military Role:- Infantry Commander [M.N.R]
Military Rank:- General. [Gen.]
Status:- Alive


Hair Color:- Brown
Eye Color:- Blue
Facial Features:- Facial Scars
Body Features:- [None]
Other:- [None]



Collin Ortega - Father - Deceased - Executed, Links to M.N.R
Janine Ortega - Mother - Deceased - Executed, Links to M.N.R
Taryn Ortega - Wife - Deceased - Died during child birth.
Lila Ortega - Daughter - Alive - Civilian [Under Care & Watched by Internal Affairs]
Gaby Ortega - Daughter - Alive - Civilian [Under Care & watched by Internal Affairs]

<< :: Background Information :: >>

Background:- General Warren Ortega was a good friend of General Wilkerson. It is clear that this is the same story of him vanishing just as Wilkerson does is related to one another. Ortega had vanished, he and his men of the Alliance were apart of a Colonial force which had set off to to Aries. Though after time had gone by, their communications had gone silent with the Alliance. The Alliance had then sent off a unit in order to find out if they had reached Aries. Though after the team had arrived back, it was reported by the locals that both Ortega and Wilkerson had both vanished along with their men and their ships. 

As the war broke out, it was clear that Wilkerson and his ship were spotted during the Invasion of Majesty II. Though Ortega himself was not seen. It has been suspected by Intelligence that Ortega was one of the main commanding forces during the battle of Majesty II. It is unclear of his current status in the Mageran New Republic. But it is known he is one of the major key roles through the ground forces of the Mageran Republic. Though with latest news [As of 2240] it has been revealed that Warren Ortega has been involved in numerous Campaigns against the Alliance in the recent conflicts of both Hydra and Atlas. Though he has not yet been seen on the ground, Intelligence forces and Agents have been on the lookout for his location. Along with this being recently known, Ortegas Daughters are still under the care of the New International Alliance, it is completely unknown of why Ortega had left his children and why Ortega has not committed any actions of recovering them. They have recently been put under new names and identities to guarantee their safety.

Rules Of Engagement:- If possible to be captured, all Alliance Personnel are to captured Wilkerson for Internal Affairs for questioning. Though if otherwise for personnel defense, all Alliance personnel have been commanded to kill if engaged upon.


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:: N.I.A Database :: General. Warren Ortega [M.N.R]
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