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 :: N.I.A Database :: Mageran New Republic [M.N.R]

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PostSubject: :: N.I.A Database :: Mageran New Republic [M.N.R]   Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:40 pm

Welcome to the N.I.A Database - Please Login to ensure full confirmation.




Login Confirmed! Welcome XXX. XXXXXXX XXXX

*OPENING FILE - Mageran New Republic [M.N.R]*


:: Mageran New Republic [M.N.R] - Information ::

<<:: General Information :: >>

"A Mageran NCO [Non-Commissioned Officer] using his backpack radio."

General Background:- The Mageran New Republic [M.N.R] have become a brutal yet successful force. It has become one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy. Given so young, it has gained a lot of people to fight under their flag. It is currently unknown by the New International Alliance [N.I.A] of how their inner circle works and what their plans are after they carry out the eradication of the N.I.A. Both of which have gained a bitter and cold hatred among each other. The Magera have proven to be a barbaric force. Slaughtering and killing those they're able to kill. They will not allow themselves to be captured by the N.I.A. They have been taught that they'd rather die then become a prisoner. This has been the only hostile force which the N.I.A have fought since the 21st Century. But both the N.I.A and the M.N.R share only one thing in common. And that is their ability to mass in numbers and have a great fleet to send against each other.

Government:- During this time, it is not known of how the Government is run inside the lines of the Mageran New Republic. It is clear that at the moment they are only acting towards their final goal, which is to completely eradicate the New International Alliance [N.I.A] It would be unwise to attempt to send anybody into Mageran lines to find out their governing body and how their doctrinaire works for the people who show their loyalty to the Mageran New Republic. It is known that they are willing to kill anybody who opposes them. At the moment, it is also currently unknown who the real leadership is being the Mageran New Republic. Intelligence have been busy attempting to gather this information from them.

Military:- Their Military consists of many people willing to die for their cause. They have captured and brought many people under their flag and either put them through forced conscription or indoctrinate people to really believe in their cause. It is unknown how they ever gained so much influence and military to fight under their flag. But it is known of some notable examples of defecting high ranking Alliance members. Notable examples are General. Warren Ortega and General. Manuel Wilkerson. Both of which were large influences of the Alliance Military.

Along with this, it is clearly known by this point they have forced some of our own soldiers to fight under their flag. Though only for suicidal causes. Along with this they are known to attempt on hiring or having Civilian within Alliance territory to carry out plots and terrorist attacks in our Colonies and cities in order to cause panic or deal damage to the N.I.A. A notable example was during the Geneva plot during the earlier years of the war. Apart from this, the Mageran New Republic also attempt to invade some of the moons and Colonial areas which are prisons. they have been noted to of been releasing prisoners, all of which who will see the same way of them, their freedom in return for them to fight under their flag. It is unknown of their final numbers. But it is clear by now that the Mageran New Republic are not a force to take lightly.

Tactics:- The Mageran New Republic [M.N.R] have shown great leadership and tactics between themselves. They have always seemed to be a brutal and cunning force ever since the start of the war. Though it is known that the doctrine they teach to their Military soldiers is that they are all taught to never be taken alive by the N.I.A. By this, they introduce mass suicide attacks against the Alliance forces. They have also been known to strap themselves with explosives which eventually leads to them killing anybody which may get in their way if they are close to captured. Some have stated that they also keep cyanide capsules hidden upon themselves if they do get captured. Though at the moment it is unknown where they hide them if they even have one.

They have also been noted to using some of these tactics in order to gather equipment. Intelligence uncovered a special unit named the Wolfsrudel. The Wolfsrudle are a force designed to attack and board Alliance ships with their goals of taking them over. They seem to rely on capturing a majority of their equipment rather then manufacturing it. But it has been noted that they have been beginning to manufacture their own equipment during the war. One of their notable examples of them using the Type-32 BioMech which was originally Alliance technology, now under Mageran by unknown causes. The same goes for the experiment Pulse Rifle #105. Which they have both manufactured and given out in large numbers, becoming some of the iconic weaponry the Magera use. 

<<:: Notable Conflicts ::>>

"A Civilian [Now Deceased] uploaded a Mageran Ship hovering over the ashes of Omega."

Majesty II:- Majesty II was the first conflict between the Mageran New Republic and the International Alliance which lead to a mass Alliance Defeat. Majesty II was a simple colonial planet with a mass population. During August 15th 2235. The Mageran Republic struck Majesty II with mass aerial bombardment, following with mass killings of a majority of the population on Majesty II. After the bombardment ended, they sent a mass majority of their troops in order to attempt to either capture or kill New International Alliance soldiers and Civilians, and also hunting for any Governing figures. The Mageran Republic were ready for the attack which caught the M.D.F [Majesty Defense Force] completely off guard. Completely struck from communications, the M.D.F attempted to begin evacuation of a majority of the Alliance's citizens off the planet, along with a majority of the Military force stationed on Majesty II. Eventually, the main N.I.A fleet began assisting the evacuation of people from Majesty II. Which resulted in one of the first and largest naval battles ever faced during the war. This lead with many N.I.A casualties both on the ground and naval. It took a full month, the conflict ending on September 5th with a Mageran Victory. The occupation of Majesty II by Mageran Forces at the moment seems to be unknown, it was 2235 when the last time the N.I.A set foot on Majesty soil. Many survivors of the Military and even Civilians during the attack have been either signing up for service and either transferred to the interplanetary N.I.A Forces. 

Titan I:- Titan I was attacked during August 17th 2235, a day straight after the initial Invasion of Majesty II. Though unlike Majesty II, the T.D.F [Titan Defense Forces] The same result being on Titan as of Majesty II. The Mageran Republic attacked in great Naval and ground numbers, which quickly overwhelmed the T.D.F stationed on Titan I. Only being a Civilian planet, a minor Military force was stationed on Titan I. The Mageran Republic ripped through the T.D.Fs lines. The Mageran Republic also begun mass orbital strikes onto the major cities of Titan I, turning a majority of the cities into nothing but rubble. It took only a small amount of time before the T.D.F. By September 9th. The Mageran Republic occupied Titan I. Though eventually, the N.I.A prepared a counter-attack on the Magera during the months, eventually attacking Titan I during September 24th of the same year. Which resulted in a mass major disorganization by the N.I.A with many miss drops and equipment shortages. The Mageran Republic defended against the N.I.A bringing heavy engagements against them. The N.I.A during the Invasion force only attempted one major attack before the N.I.A were evacuated from the planet. The Mageran Republic finally had Titan I for their own, the Titan I conflict ending during October 15th.

Omega:- After a month, the Mageran Republic attacked Omega. The N.I.A this time were ready which resulted in one of the most major stalemates of the war, both New International Alliance and the Mageran Republic being held against each others lines. The New International Alliance fought hard during this conflict, the Mageran Republic finally meeting few defeats during the stalemates, along with some supply issues. Though eventually, the Mageran Republic broke through. Many of Omegas cities were easily defended due to the Mageran Republic doing the same as they did before, turning them into ruins by Orbital Bombardments. During 2236 January 2nd, the Naval Fleet of the N.I.A completely gone silent, leaving the New International Alliance Infantry on the ground alone. After research, the Mageran Republic had by this time destroyed the Naval Fleet, giving them a major advantage. Eventually, the tide turned against the New International Alliance, leaving their communications silent and many of them wounded or even dead. The Magera begun pushing through the N.I.A lines with major brute force, the Mageran Naval Fleet providing the Mageran ground forces with orbital strikes on key N.I.A areas. This eventually lead to any N.I.A soldier to begin surrendering. Though a known Resistance force still consisting of N.I.A soldiers are believed to be still fighting, they were eventually all wiped out. Omega becoming under total Mageran Control during May 25th 2236.

<< :: Notable Equipment :: >>


Standard Crewman Armor2240-Present
Standard Crewman Armor2235-Present
Standard Infantry Uniform  2240-Present
  Standard Infantry Uniform    2235-Present
Standard NCO Uniform  2240-Present
Standard NCO Uniform  2235-Present
Marksman / Sniper Uniform  2240-Present  

Weaponry / Firearms:-

XM589 CarbineInfantry Assault Rifle
XM589 LRR [Long Range Rifle]  Designated Marksman Rifle  
XM589 Carbine w/ShotgunInfantry Assault Rifle
  XM589 Carbine w/Grenade Launcher  Infantry Assault Rifle
CR-108 Burstfire RifleInfantry Assault Rifle
MR DMR Mk.IIIDesignated Marksman Rifle
MK-65 Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher
AMSR MK.V Anti-Material RifleAnti-Material Rifle
Experimental Pulse Rifle #105Standard Infantry Rifle


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:: N.I.A Database :: Mageran New Republic [M.N.R]
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