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 Article #07

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PostSubject: Article #07   Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:33 pm

Contact! - Titan II

"T.D.F Soldiers begin to clear the Factory, Private Longheart is wounded."

Separatist Forces were recently encountered in an industrial complex in the Mining Colony located in Titan II. It is known that these Separatists were plotting to hit a near-by T.D.F [Titan Defense Force] Outpost which contained Alliance armed forces in an attempt of a terrorist attack. AS known, these separatists are sympathizers of the Mageran New Republic, though it is not known of how they were equipped with their firearms and how they were able to get what they needed to be able to attempt to carry out their terrorist attack. An Investigation is currently underway to attempt to find and stop any illegal firearms and contraband from getting into the colonies. Along with this Investigations are going to be put for their identities. 

"Separatists are lined up and arrested by T.D.F Soldiers, overlooked by Colonel Morris"

Many firearms and illegal weaponry were found in the factory in which they were hiding from the T.D.F. A Total of Fifteen Suspects were in total. Around Six Suspects were captured during the operation, one of them, a known sympathizer named Gabriel Price, also suspected with the others that they were involved in recent murders of T.D.F Soldiers a Month ago, killing three people, Private. Robert Fox, Corporal. Ross Horton and also Private. Derek Hogan. Due to him being captured, he has been sent to be tried by Alliance Court. Sadly, during this Operation a Private named James Longheart was killed today during the firefight as he was attempting to clear the factory with his team, he has been awarded a post-humous Purple Heart and marked as a Citizen and hero of the Alliance. 


All of the captured suspects were tried and brought to Alliance Court which resulted on all of them being guilty for their crimes for the murder and for plotting against the New International Alliance. All of the suspects were brought to justice and they are scheduled to be executed on the Alliance Network on the full net on all channels for their acts against the New International Alliance by hanging.


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Article #07
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