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 How to Drill Sergeant [OOC]

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PostSubject: How to Drill Sergeant [OOC]   Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:14 pm

Colossus Roleplay - Drill Sergeant / Recruit Training - How-To [OOC]

As we know, in order to help those who join the Community get themselves up and running in Colossus Roleplay, experienced or not but they are firstly designated to take mandatory training in order to make sure that they have gotten themselves ready and waiting whilst also educated on how Military Roleplay is done, along with this, how Military Roleplay is done in order to be hand in hand with the Canon. In order for this to be achieved without making the Roleplay boring upon joining the server, but also quick and educational, and preferably in a small amount of time and along with this, a single session.

It sounds as if it is an easy enough concept. It can be but it can also be very difficult. You are to make what you teach people simple yet effective. And you are to test them on that when you train them. Please note that training is more or less not exactly an In-Character or Out-Of-Character basis. It's the best of both.

Originally, the method used to train people before was to quickly teach them something in an inconsistent method. This usually used to confuse people when people got their facts wrong, messages were not exactly consistent between everybody who trains and whom is trained by their Drill Sergeant. This resulted on either people passing into the Roleplay with very poor role play skills, or for as pointed out above. Mass confusion for people who are new to Military Roleplays in general.

After a Recruit has passed, it is very difficult especially for admins to figure out who trained the people whom are problematic, and it is difficult to teach people after they have been wrongly assigned to Recruit. Sadly, this also resulted on people getting into trouble after they graduate Recruit status into Private because of their Drill Sergeant not teaching them the correct subjects, which again, results into the wrong people getting into the Roleplay.

So, I'm going to be making these guidelines in order for the future trainers of Colossus in order to train people whom are new to the server in an effective manner, this will be the OOC Section of the How-To Guidelines.


The Introduction is important, it is your goal in order to grab people who join the server instantly, when they join. Those who are Drill Sergeants are trusted to help assist a Recruit get what they need in order to play the server and also get close to them in order to train them, this is where everything beginning with OOC comes into play, you will encounter these new people and there is nothing much to it apart from helping them with their request so they are able to play on the Server. So, for starters, you basically help them figure out how to install the content and how to make sure it all works. Along with this you also take your time in giving them resources to explain the Canon to the new player who has joined and maybe even possibly explain some of it yourself. you can make examples to other Sci-Fi Series but make sure you point out all of the specifics, otherwise it can get confusing. (E.g, N.I.A is a Government built on Capital Punishment, Military is strict and harsh, you can be executed to be made an example of) All of those examples are important for people to learn and realize before they play on the server.

Make sure this is pointed out and understood straight away, though do not make it forced on them. As I pointed out, give them resources for them to learn the canon rather than shoving everything down their throats regarding the Colossus Canon, simple links to the timeline and other areas they can go to get used to the canon is interesting.

Though by doing this, you will instantly realize that there is going to be plenty of people who just say "Ok" and they go off and get the content, and then they haven't exactly read the Canon, so in which brings you to the In-Character part of the training once they're finished. Along with this however, you can also take the time to figure out if they have Roleplayed before, this will possibly require multi-tasking.

Training [Basic Introduction]

Once this happens, once they all get their content. This is where you make your move to make sure that people get gripped and educated into what they are getting into and to make sure that they know how the Roleplay is and what is expected to them, you are the first person who brings this introduction In-Character. Though this can be ruined simply by the thing which some people think is funny, but it really isn't. It puts people off the roleplay and it just seems to be cheesy.

This infact, is called. Pretending to be Hartman. I know it's funny, but personally, it is very off-putting. Keep the quotes to yourself and be a Drill Sergeant character, this more or less allows your to be strict and harsh and get into their faces, but don't do anything you will regret, you can be punished too. So, what does this mean? Give them a nice shouting, tell them why they're here and what they're doing, what the goals of the N.I.A are and what they can do to make sure that goal is met. Give them the feeling that they're getting into something that they didn't know, again. Be serious with what you say, it's not funny repeating something already has said already. Don't go straight to making them do Physical training and formations, it'll just get sloppy from then on out. First Impressions is the Key.

Though, don't make it empty, make it rather filled and unique, for example. As a Drill Sergeant you can do this for example.

D/Sgt. Michael Harrigan: "Recruit Davies, What is the GOAL, Of the New International Alliance!?"
Rct. Richard Davies: "To make sure the Mageran threat is eradicated, Drill Sergeant!"
D/Sgt. Michael Harrigan: "You're Goddamn right, Davies! The Rest of you, what is the GOAL. Of the New International Alliance?"

Thus cues the rest of the Recruits doing the same thing, again. As the Drill Sergeant, try and figure out their In-Character goals, It helps them feel noticed and not another player on the server, this can help people get comfortable on the server by theory, so for example do a simple following such as -

D/Sgt. Michael Harrigan: "Recruit Davies! Why did you join the Alliance?!"
Rct. Richard Davies: "I wish to fight for Freedom for my Friends and Family, Drill Sergeant!"

Something similar like that, of course I don't make good examples, but you should get the jist of it. It's that simple, something as simple as acknowledgement can easily get somebody focused on the Role Play which is around them, and it personally helps keep yourselves interested in other characters also. Try to do this to everybody who you are training, it can be interesting and can also give you good information if they know what they're doing or not. If you ask them at all In-Character and they don't give you the correct answer, pester them for it, just do not break character, saying stuff such as [LOOC] "Dude, say something." It just doesn't help, if they're AFK. Completely ignore them and switch. Key is to 'NOT, BREAK, CHARACTER."

Training [Physical]:-

After you have given them their introduction, bring them to start to doing Physical Training, Push-Ups and all of that sort of stuff, even though it can be simple and boring. But only if you do it for too long it can get boring, make them do it a couple of times, space this out in between. Your goal from this part of Physical is to extend further if they understand how to Roleplay, look for their usage of /Me's and how they do everything else. This will help you understand the people you are working with, though remember to continue on with how you act. This part of training is more or less assessment of their Role Play skills.

- Push-Ups
- Sit-Ups
- Running Around a Room
- Running into various Formations [Can do this in Formation training also]

All of that is as simple as can be in which you can do for Physical Training, though I usually keep for focus on having them do training which is strictly kept what you can assess, Running around the room is stuff they do in the Military, that's a fact. But knowing if they know how to properly use /Me's is the goal. For example with the exercises they do, to stop it from getting boring. Make them do /Mes in certain circumstances. Best example I can give is  for example if they are running around the room.

Green = Push-Up
Yellow = Sit-Up
Blue = Form Formation

Training [Understanding of Military Protocol]:-

After they have finished their Physical training, you then begin to discuss on the protocols of how everything works in the New International Alliance Military. How to act in combat, how to control themselves in combat. Learn what they are up against and how to deal with what they're up against, as stated. You do not want to do this for too long, the amount of information you can get out to them whilst doing this is important.

What you are assessing during this part of training is to assess if they are able to understand and focus of how Military Roleplay works, this will prove important in the future. So give them something to learn at this point. It is important in order to first-off to teach them the following -

- Formations / How to form Formations / Understanding Formations

- Weaponry / ROE [Rules Of Engagement] / Firing Modes / Weapon Control
- Radio / Understanding Radio Language / When to speak / Identifying key information
- CoC [Chain Of Command] / Understanding who to listen to first, and what to do when given orders

Now, these subjects are all mandatory. These are probably some of the most important things which you will teach people or have people understand when you are doing your Training session with the Recruits. You are all expected to teach them on the dot of all the usages of each of these subjects and to understand them correctly. Though as said, the key is to keep them interested and keep them focused. So give them something to focus on, test them whilst you are teaching them the subject. Give them light briefs on the subjects. Don't talk about one subject for too long, give them enough information to last and this will hopefully get stuck in to their heads.

What you are all looking for in this part of training is the Recruits ability to understand what to do on a Military Roleplay server, don't stick to just one person and let them answer all the questions, have everybody you teach at least answer one question each or you can make them all answer the given question at the same time. Test the people you are teaching and make sure they understand, this will hopefully help them in the long run. If they don't understand then do everything you can possibly do to make them. Assess your Recruits to their understandings. Keep a sharp eye on all of the answers, do not give them any clues to anything you ask them until you feel fit to do so. Simple corrections of their Answers are acceptable, though as you're a Drill Sergeant. 'Drill' it into their minds. As I said, don't break Character. Teach them all of this specifically In-Character.

Final Assessment:-

Now, once you have finished training them, give them their Final Assessment. Question them on everything that they have learnt, this section does not specifically have to last too long. But this is where your judgement finally comes in to play and this is where is the most important of yourselves in being a Drill-Sergeant. Please, only do this if you are confident that the Recruits that you are teaching completely understand everything they have learnt.

Once you have assessed them, tell an Administrator who is active at the time via /PM to tell them who has been assessed properly and who you believe should be let through to continue off their Roleplay inside the server. From here, as throughout all of your training, tell them to quickly remake their characters.

F1 - Characters - New - Infantry - [Please tell them to put Pvt. into their names]

Once they have done so, try and bring them back to the room you trained them and continue off where you left them. For those who have not at all completed and passed their training, pass on their names to an Administrator and let them deal with the Recruit, though only pass on their names if they have no concept of how to Roleplay, this will go smoothly.


Once you have finished off training your Recruits and also let them take their time in order to make their character, with the correct rank. Bring them back to the Recruit Training-Room. From here you will continue on with their Conclusion, this will result on the following -

Introduction to Superior:-

A Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant. Anybody who is a Superior on the ship, mainly an Officer will allow them to become introduced to somebody of superiority inside the ship, this is important so that they understand the people they will follow IC. This will also give them the opportunity to know who their superiors are, this will also test them on their ability to acknowledge a superior.

Equipment / Load-Out:-

If possible, this will then result you on finally giving them their final equipment before you wave goodbye to them. You will give them the following Loadout.

- Infantry Armor
- XM589 Carbine
- X8 XM589 Magazines
- X1 Handheld Radio
- M11a
- X8 M11a Magazines

If you are unable to give them any of their loadout, please ask an Administrator to allow you to give them the equipment they need or they will do it themselves. As Long as they get what they need.

Introduction to the Ship / Outpost:-

Hopefully, after you have gotten this far you will be able to show them the Outpost / Ship, depending on where you are posted. You can either do this yourselves or send them to another Character with responsibility to show them the rest of the Outpost / Ship, though if you decide to do it yourself, make sure you teach them where they are unable to go and where they are able to go, tell them what the rooms are for and what they are able to do.

From then on once you have shown them everything, you can then let them roam free and allow them to Roleplay with those around them. Hopefully you can then take a break and let out some air, you are completely done with them.

So there we go, that is completely everything in which you need to do. Hopefully by this time has done yourself have created both new additions to the Community and to the Company, this will be done and dusted with those Recruits.

From then on out, that is all. Until the next batch of Recruits come you can rinse and repeat. Please, make sure you follow this protocol. Everything you do brings a new person into the server. Depending the method you do it, make this way on introducing people to the server as a standard.

So there you go, if anybody has any problems please take your concerns to an Administrator.


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How to Drill Sergeant [OOC]
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