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 Planet Anomalies - Studies and Warnings (Mostly W.I.P.)

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PostSubject: Planet Anomalies - Studies and Warnings (Mostly W.I.P.)   Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:21 pm

- Small pockets of radioactive energy with the ability of ‘healing’ wounds. Tests on numerous subjects have detailed that each one of these anomalies given form have a drastic change in progressive restoration of human tissue, bone and organic substances on the wound in question. Most subjects that have come into contact with these anomalies have said to have contracted many different forms of cancerous growths on different parts of the body, or any of the organs inside the body. Currently, the rate of subject deaths are 1 out of ten given the stage of their wounds and contact with radioactive substances. Warning Stage: Code Red, level 4 anomaly. Do NOT come into contact with anomalies seen on screen, CX-187649 can and will cause internal harm if contact is made.

- Small pockets of radioactive energy with the ability of reducing damage from electrical entities. Tests of subjects show favorable results, though at the cost of radioactive contact with each stone anomaly. Subjects show complete resistance to low power electrical equipment, such as tasers and low power stun batons. Heavier equipment causes slight injury and heavy resistance. Note, that all subjects killed accidentally in tests overload with energy and explode into a tesla like state and interfere with equipment. Warning Stage: Code Red, level 3 anomaly. Coming into contact with the anomalies on screen can be hazardous and will affect equipment. Contact with anomaly will be hazardous, due to radioactive deposits on human tissue.

- Larger pockets of radioactive energy with the ability of reducing damage from fire based entities. Tests on subjects show concerning results with contact towards these anomalies. Subjects have a major resistance to heat, but can still be burnt as shown by results given from N.I.A. scientists. All subjects in tests have been removed due to severe issues when subjects are accidentally killed in testing. The body combusts and soon explodes into a fiery explosion and will cause harm to personnel around the area of impact. Warning Stage: Code Red, level 5 anomaly. Contact with anomaly is strictly prohibited. Anomaly can cause burning when touched and may cause combustion on target if removed from area of impact. Do NOT go near any of the anomalies on screen.
- Large pockets of radioactive energy with the ability to reduce contact with radioactive substances. Tests received from N.I.A. scientists have shown favorable results as most subjects seem to have a moderate resistance towards radiation. Subjects have shown moments of sickness through experiments, but sickness has been written off as fatigue due to the anomalies substance to slowly drain a person's stamina at a moments notice. Warning Stage: Code Green, level 2 anomaly. Contact with anomaly will not cause any major issues, aside from headaches and other moments of sickness. Be weary of crystallized anomalies whilst in the field, e.g. the objects on screen.

- Medium sized pockets of radioactive energy with the ability to strengthen muscle mass. Experiments show favorable results on subjects as they are more able to perform actions with easy with newfound strength. Results soon show a more concerning result as subjects begin to show results of neural decay, with subjects becoming more primal as experiments go along and break into a rather frenzied rage compared to most animals. Warning Stage: Code Amber, level 3 anomaly.  Contact with anomaly will not cause issues unless held, personnel in the field may feel moments of sickness and slight periods of paranoia, due to increased mental aggression.
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Planet Anomalies - Studies and Warnings (Mostly W.I.P.)
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