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PostSubject: :: N.I.A Database :: Planet Database :: Kraken IV   Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:20 am

Kraken IV W.I.P

Year Founded:- 2130

Founders:- United Federation of Exploration, Alpha Team Sqd 41

Capital City:- Solitude

One Planetary Rotation:- 25 Standard Hours


35ºC = 95 Fahrenheit [Day]
11ºC = 51.8 Fahrenheit [Night]

Current Population:- 531 123

Pre-Invasion - Aprox 604 350

Post-Invasion - Aprox 503 100

Police/Military Force:- N.I.A Garrison: 543st Infantry Division, 32nd Cavalry Division.

                        Police Force: Annex International Security Detail

Pre-Invasion - N.I.A Garrison: 10 000 Police Force: 32 000

Post-Invasion - N.I.A Garrison: 0 Police Force: 23 000

Main Cities:-

Solitude (Pop. 234 000)

Karmagath (Pop. 10 000)

Legion's Deep (Pop. 34 000)

Salvation (Pop. 100 000)

Main Exports:- Iron, Coal, Deuterium, Falan-41B, Refined Amber


Key Features:- Kraken IV is covered by large forests and tall mountains, 60 Procent of the planet is covered by a large ocean.

Locations to Note:-

The Red Forest, Mythwood

Red Forest or Mythwood as it is commonly called is a birch forest who's branches are covered in crimson red leaves, this is one of the most visited spots on Kraken IV by tourists and scientists trying to figure out the biological mutation that evolved inside the forest, the forest also houses the rare mineral Falan-41B which can be found beneath the red grass.

Planet Backstory:-                               W.I.P


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:: N.I.A Database :: Planet Database :: Kraken IV
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