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 Article #06

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PostSubject: Article #06   Fri Sep 05, 2014 3:24 pm

Mobilization Of the 51st Mechanized Armoured Battalion

Today, The 51st Mechanized Armoured Battalion using one of the N.I.As prized Mechanized vehicles have been deployed today on Atlas soil. They have been deployed in order to assist to change the tide on the whole war between the Mageran Republic and the New International Alliances war on Atlas II. They have been stationed around the lines for mobilization of Operation Thunderstrike, Phase Two. Hopefully they will be able to assist to seek and destroy all the Mageran threat which is lurking on this planet.

It is an honour to inform all of those whom are going to be serving with the 51st Mechanized Armoured Battalion that they will have no fear on the Mageran threat, they are to swiftly move and crush the enemy as they embark fourth on the journey to win the Campaign of Atlas II. 

Though, it is widely known that the models of the Mechanized Vehicles which have been deployed are not the latest in the N.I.A technological arsenal, it is known that the models, the current models as of now are widely used in all terrains and still are considered to be the best of the best and most reliable pieces of technology which the N.I.A has secured for their own ever since the Mageran threat rose upon us.

- More news coming soon.

- Richard Wilkinson

- N.I.A Journalist


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Article #06
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