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 Article #05

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PostSubject: Article #05   Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:02 pm

Eighteenth Divison, One Killed, Others Awarded

Today, Elements of the Eighteenth Infantry Division were called out to investigate and destroy all remaining forces which attempted an invasion of the planet Aries. Today, they had sadly lost one member of their team, yet also gained multiple wounded during the onslaught.

Though, Many Magera were killed and they were eventually erradicated off the planet by assistance of the Fifth Marines which were stationed close by as the Eighteenth Division was cut off, low on ammunition and also their hands filled with wounded.

Many actions were taken in order to secure the wounded, whilst also saving themselves in the process, the Fifth marines eventually saved them when support was called by the Company commander, Captain. Kaitlyn Robinson, with assistance of Captain. Jayce Deckland who was also assisting the Eighteen during the firefight.

The man who was lost today was Private First Class. Ryan Olivero was killed during a firefight with Mageran soldiers, though outstandingly sacrificed his life in order to kill the enemy, it has been reported he killed three Mageran soldiers before his passing. His body was lost underground during a blast which formed, though as the Eighteenth Division left to be helped in their ship, the N.A Icarus, the Fifth Marines were able to recover his body, his body will be sent to genevia, to be amongst those who are to be remembered in this bloody war, Pfc. Olivero will be rewarded the Purple Heart and also the Bronze star for his bravery and courage.

Meanwhile, those who were injured were the following.

- Captain. Kaitlyn Robinson
- Sergeant. Gav Woodgrave
- Private. Heshriko Green
- Private. Lyle Parker
- Private. Frank Temple
- [OOC, Not sure if you were injured but if you were you are on this list]

Have been awarded for a purple heart for being injured on the battlefield.

Also, the following medical staff of the Eighteeth, Private Parker and Lance Corporal. Gennadiy have been awarded the Combat Medical Badge for their actions today.

More News, Coming soon

- Richard Wilkinson

- N.I.A Combat Journalist


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Article #05
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