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 Atlas II Campaign - Phase One - Operation Thunderstrike

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PostSubject: Atlas II Campaign - Phase One - Operation Thunderstrike   Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:21 am

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Campaign:- Atlas II Campaign - Phase One - Counter Invasion

Operation Name:- Operation Thunderstrike

Elements of Regiments / Detachments:-

18th Infantry Division
- Able - Zulu
31st Infantry Division [Reserves]
- Foxtrot - Golf
54th Infantry Division
- Able - Zulu
A.D.F [Atlas Defense Force]

18th Medical Detachment
20th Medical Detachment
34th Medical Detachment
18th Engineering Detachment
17th Engineering Detachment
25th Engineering Detachment
35th Naval Fleet
10th Armoured Corps
5th Armoured Corps
13th Logistics Regiment
31st Logistics Regiment

Initiation Phrase:- "Juno"


During the same attack of Hydra I, Atlas II and it's brother, Atlas I were both invaded by the Mageran New Republic [M.N.R]. The New International Alliance [N.I.A] did not expect for these planets to be taken so soon due to them being Outer-Ring planets, though looking at their positioning, they are trying to find another way to continue their swift campaign over Colossus and on the Galaxy itself, so it seems as if the Mageran Republic are looking to go around Colossus instead of going straight through it.

It is thought by Intelligence that they are also doing this to reclaim Colossus for their own, as well as creating various areas around the galaxy in order to create Supply routes and also areas for where their fleets can be repaired and refuelled if anything goes wrong for them. As known the New International Alliance use these planets in order to do the same thing, so these planets are just as important to the New International Alliance  as it is as important to the Mageran Republic. Looking at the positioning of the Planets, this is also a way to send the New International Alliance to move back behind their own lines again if Atlas I,  Atlas II and Hydra I are taken, this proves to be a vital point overlooked by the New International Alliance which could prove to be a massive blow to morale and the possible loss of Colossus II.

Though, as luck has it, the Thirty-First Infantry Division which are the Reserves currently stationed on Atlas II and even the A.D.F [Atlas Defence Forces] have come to a neutral success in keeping a strong and neutral balance between the Mageran Forces and themselves, creating an easy route into Atlas II with low casualties, though this can be changed any-time soon. The New International Alliance has decided to send in reinforcements to help the forces who are barely holding out at the moment.

The way this will be done to relieve pressure is to launch Operation Thunderstrike, a way to have the enemy deal a mass amount of damage whilst also relieving the forces already stationed on Atlas II by weakening the front lines of the Mageran Forces at the same time. This hoping to result in Mass mageran surrenders and losses on the Mageran side. Though it is believed that if this Operation goes terribly wrong, this could possibly result in the deaths of many New International Alliance soldiers.


Objective One:- Land & Secure LZ - Zulu

LZ Zulu is located close-by one of the Mageran Garrisons and also one of the main routes for the Enemy supply lines, the first objective here is to secure LZ Zulu which is going to be the primary resource and supply point, especially a point to receive reinforcements. Until LZ Zulu is secured, anything before that will stop anything from getting in and out of that Sector, so it is up to you to get that area ready.

Objective Two: Secure - Mageran Garrison

It is at all no doubt that when you all land, Mageran units are going to be deployed to that Garrison straight away, more than usual as known. This will be the main area where the Magera will create their front-lines against you. Though you are all tasked to make sure that you take them out in ease and make sure you destroy that Front-line before they can build it. They will not let you in to their territory just like that, so if you are all able to make sure that Garrison and that piece of territory is in our hands, we will be able to keep a nice amount of that sector for quite a while.

Objective Three: Secure / Destroy - Mageran Supply Depot

The Mageran Supply depot, this is one of the depots which stick around in the Mageran territory which is close to the front-line which holds a lot of the Mageran Republic supplies, luckily. You are the ones closer to hitting that Supply depot. Though the difficult part is getting in. The supply depot located here is made up of an Old controlled New International Alliance bunker which is built inside the hills, once upon a time was used for scientific research. It's got very heavy doors and possibly also has defence systems in place, so it could possibly be a death trap, you are all to figure out how to get inside that outpost and destroy it, or possibly even capture it for yourselves, but none of those supplies are to be destroyed. So be wise with the actions placed here. The Engineers will be able to take care of that.

Objective Four: Wait for Reinforcements / Rappel any counter-attacks

It's clear that we want to hold this sector for our own so we are able to regroup with other Companies who are also dropping along with us. So we have to hold out and take what we can to use for ourselves in order to keep that sector held. As known, there is a front-line, if they get enough pressure put on to them with nothing backing them, we believe they might pull back and head straight in to the captured sectors. That is no doubt of it being a possibility. But what we do know is that both the front-line and the areas behind where we take over are also going to be pushing forward to take the captured sectors back, so be ready for heavy Counter-attacks and possibly even bombardment. You are all to hold at all costs, do not let go of these sectors, even one going down could possibly cause enough problems which could blow the whole thing up completely.

There is no estimated time at the moment on how long Reinforcements will arrive. Though that information will be given at a later time. Which infact also very important to build a Communications centre ASAP when you have captured a good enough outpost to keep yourselves secluded. Once you have done that we will be able to keep you all updated.


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Atlas II Campaign - Phase One - Operation Thunderstrike
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