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 Captain Kaitlyn Robinson - :: N.I.A Database ::

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PostSubject: Captain Kaitlyn Robinson - :: N.I.A Database ::   Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:55 am

Welcome to the N.I.A Database - Please Login to ensure full confirmation.










Login Confirmed! Welcome XXX. XXXXXXX XXXX

*OPENING FILE - "Captain. Kaitlyn Robinson"*







General Information

Full Name:- Kaitlyn Robinson

Nickname(s):- 'Ice Blonde'
D.O.B:- 2215
Age:- 25
Homeworld/Colony:- Earth - England
Morale:- High
Military Role:-  Infantry Officer
Military Rank:- Captain
Status:- Alive


Hair Style:- Short
Hair Colour:- Blonde
Eye Colour:- Brown
Facial Features:- Small Scar
Body Features:- [None]
Clothing:- N.I.A Military Uniform
Build:- Medium
Other:- [None]

Occupations & Hobbies



James Robinson - Father - Alive

Jennifer Robinson - Mother - Alive

Riley Robinson - Brother - Alive - Joined Military Service - 2234

Mark Robinson - Brother - Alive - Joined Military Service - 2234

Charlie Robinson - Sister - Alive - Joined Military Service - 2234

Personal Relationships

Colonel. Kazuma Yamaguchi - Once upon a time, I used to hate the Colonel due to some of the things I was told to do. But not any more, that incident is long gone. Now I see the Colonel as, well. My Colonel. He's a good man, we might not get along sometimes but I'm here to respect the rank, and not the person. But he hasn't done that much which has got me and him to row about recently. So I think things are beginning to settle in. Want me to be truthful though? I see him as a father figure. No idea why.. It's probably because he stops me from doing anything out of line. I thank you, Colonel. 

- Last Recorded 05/04/2240 -

Captain. Jayce Deckland - Deckland has been with me for a good few months now. Doesn't feel like a long time, but in here? Colossus? It is. It defiantly is. Though, I don't see him more than a friend. Or anything below that. He's a good person who I believe can get further in life. 10 Credits for a Dinner Date? His profile said that, and I'll have to say I'm a stronger person than that. I don't see myself as somebody he'll be able to win over. He's probably too clingy of a person that I could get used to. But no plans for it. As I said, I see him as a really good friend of mine as well as a trustworthy collegue, I guess I can't do much with this company without him. He's got the voice of a natural born leader. As I have a voice of terror which has gone through me over the past few years of this war.

- Last Recorded 12/04/2240 -

Second Lieutenant. Aromin Dravus - I have not really got to know Dravus. Never really personally spoken to him about anything. You never really get to know many people as a Company Leader. It's a shame really. Though, I have heard things that I don't really like about him. He's just as bad if not close enough the same as Alex, but I can improve him.

- Last Recorded 16/04/2240 -

Second Lieutenant. Alex West - This man needs to learn at one point that those below him are going to be killed one day. I see his attachment to Second Platoon, and his attachment has the ability to ruin the Company if all else fails. I don't see him getting far. But I can see him improving himself. I might have him back on the field again, just to observe the abilities of Deckland. I could probably make him a better Platoon leader also, if Deckland does not do it before me. He just needs to learn that one day, some of those people he knows will not be around any more.

- Last Recorded 18/04/2240 -

Second Lieutenant. Boris Lyutenkov - Lyutenkov is pretty much the same as Armonin Dravus. But I really have not seen him in action yet. Not hearing still means something is not being done right, or he just does not want to boast about it. Though, I have heard of his recent injuries. Get well soon Lieutenant.

- Last Recorded 15/04/2240 -

Staff Sergeant. Gav Woodgrave - Somebody I think who is going to make Platoon Leader one day, he's already a Platoon Sergeant. Ever since I've met this person, I've seen him improve. Build, Adapt. Though the Platoon is beginning to stress him, I see it. I sense it when he's around. He's tired but also still able to keep that spark inside him to continue fighting this war. He needs to continue doing his best, at some point it will become routine, I wont lie when I say I know where he is right now in his mindset, I've been there. I'm probably there right now. Keep going Woodgrave, you're doing well.

- Last Recorded 12/04/2240 -

Second Lieutenant. Kiera Esperanza-Jacobs - Ever since the events of Majesty II. I thought I could care less about things. But know I know about Kiera. I see her as my best friend I've had though out this war. I know she is somebody I can talk to. Somebody I can relate with. Somebody I can hang out with. She's like a sister to me. I love her as Family. I really can not say anything else about Kiera. I just feel as if I've not gotten to know her more recently. I really need to speak to her.. Did I mention I had her give me a Lollipop and a sticker once? Heh.. She's like a Babysister.. Though I'm more of the immature one then she is. Kiera is going to get far with her Medical. I would like to hang around with her more after this war. If I make it, that is..

- Last Recorded 13/05/2240 - 

Private First Class. Lily Norse - I speak to her from time to time. Probably the only 'Grunt' I have got to know personally ever since I have lead C - Company. Apart from Staff Sergeant Woodgrave that is. She seems to be a good girl. A Good listener. A Focused person. Though, I seem to feel as if she's broken inside. The things she's told me makes that thought a little more straight forward. Especially with her recent issues with her Uncle. Though as a Soldier, I see her getting far. She's got that spark inside her which I used to have back on Majesty II. Back when I was a Corporal, I just don't want to see her falling in to the mistakes I did. Hell, I want her to do her best to forget the life she has just left. She does not want it haunting her when she gets to my position. 

- Last Recorded 13/05/2240 -

Notable Accolades

- Defence of Majesty II Ribbon -

"Though the battle was lost, the war has not ended yet. This has been awarded to all of those who died and attempted to keep Majesty II under N.I.A control. Those who defended are awarded this badge as their challenges began here."

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Captain Kaitlyn Robinson - :: N.I.A Database ::
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