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 Majesty II - Helios 1 Farming Colony

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PostSubject: Majesty II - Helios 1 Farming Colony   Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:15 pm

Welcome to the N.I.A Database - Please Login to ensure full confirmation.




Login Confirmed! Welcome XXX. XXXXXXX XXXX

*OPENING FILE - "Majesty II"*

Planet: Majesty II
Colony Type: Farming Colony
Status: Destroyed (Overun by Magera Forces)


Before the Invasion. This used to be a small farmland where people could look after their crops. Not much is known about the farmer. All of his memories were lost when the N.I.A rolled in during the war between them and the Magera attack. This farmland was eventually used as the N.I.As last resort to help evacuate survivors. Not much but the stains on the crops and the walls of the buildings are to be seen. The evacuation failed. The N.I.A which roamed the area are now apart of the death. Soon after Magera rolled in. This farm area went quiet. The crops still sway in the moonlight. As the church is abandoned. With the shrouded memories of the past survivors. 

Notable Areas:-

Church:- The church, once used to be a place of peace, love or sorrow. Now turned into a place of hatred and greed. Most survivors who live on the tactical advantage used to use it as their own place to stay. After they passed onto another state. Some people used to use it as a trading post. After that, people used to use it as a place of shelter or hope. During the Invasion and the rise of the Magera. This church was used as a place for people to sleep as the N.I.A worked  to help evacuate the civilians. They had no hope as they moved into the area. Their sorrows wheaped from their crying voices. When the N.I.A Soldiers looked upon each other on their failure to redeem hope. They fought here for supplies. One of the most horrific killings happened here. Only few survived. This Church, now stained by the blood of Civilians, N.I.A troops. And even the Magera. The Church, dimmed in sadness and greed.

Military Zone:- The military zone was where the N.I.A made their final and last stand here as the evacuation started to become more dangerous. They never let a single civilian inside. They even put up signs to stop them from coming in. If they moved in. They WILL be shot. As The Magera forces started to seep through the crops one by one. Finally, this base was overrun. Not much is known. Not even by the N.I.A troops well being here. Not a single person living today know of who was there. Or what happened afterwards.

Safe zone 1:- Not much to tell about this safe zone. All it used to be was a place to have survivors to sleep inside. Before the uprising. It used to be a place to stay for some of the farmworkers which stayed here. The N.I.A used to have this safe zone as their forward outpost. Until the Magera forces started to get closer and closer. Making attacks more dangerous and deadly towards the civilians. 

Safe zone 2:- Safe zone 2 also had the same history. It was a place for the farmworkers to sleep before the Magera Invasion. But this was the second zone they used to hold their stand to evacuate civilians. Safe zone 2 had the same failure. Moving back finally, to the military base. But from Safe zone one. The building is in good condition. 

Train station:- The train station. It never really had much a history. All it was is just a small stop. Nobody knew what for. Not even the farmers knew why it was there. But the trains did pass through from time to time. When the Magera attacked, The trains were used to pack up many people inside each train cart. Cramming as much as they could to evacuate them. As the train dropped off many people. Some of them being doomed from the beginning. The Train Tunnels collapsed. Destroyed by the N.I.A from keeping people from coming in as supplies were running low. The Drop ships for evacuation never arrived. The train never returned to its next stop. though, for today's stories. A small tale about the tunnels gets around here by the few survivors. About the Ghost train, the train can be almost seen. If you venture through the tunnels. The screams from the people going to the next evacuation station can be heard also. Which could put anybody on edge.


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Majesty II - Helios 1 Farming Colony
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