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 Article #04

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PostSubject: Article #04   Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:47 pm

Two New Fronts Opened!

After the Initial Invasion of Colossus, it has been announced today that two more other Colony planets have recently been undergoing constant attacks by the Mageran Republic. The N.I.A High-Command were shocked to heard that two of our Colonies. Both Hydra I and Atlas II have been invaded heavily by a mass scale attack by the Magera. Talks within the N.I.A Government and High Command have been quiet, no Information on how and why this has been discussed openly with the public. Though as many have figured this will possibly require more boots on the ground. This could require a spread of units between all three Planets, this is including Colossus II. Which our Soldiers have invaded and secured a foothold in this war. But now it seems to everybody that the Mageran Republic have a very long way to go before they are going to consider being defeated. More news on this will be updated in the meantime.


More news has came from the N.I.A High Command and also the N.I.A Government that this news will not be the last of what we hear from Hydra & Atlas II. It has come to be said by Sky Marshal Alexander Frederic has had this to day. "It is true on what has been said on our two Colony Planets. They have been taken and invaded by the treacherous Mageran Republic. But I will be here to  announce to all those who serve for the N.I.A. That this will not be another Majesty II. We will be there to hold them off at the best of our Ability. But this does not mean we will back down from the fight. WE will need more boots at the ready for what is to come in the future, WE will need YOU to come to us and help us remove them from the face of each planet we own. WE will do what we can to get our homelands back. Do not give in to these monsters, we will give them what's coming to them. We have already begun getting our Units ready to march on right into their lines and take our homes back from them. I will do everything I can to get all those families on Hydra I & Atlas II to safety, I promise that. As well as protection from the Mageran Republic for other Colonies.."

Only the Sky Marshal has been the only person able and to willingly comment on the Situation at hand. But after asking questions on anything particular on the response of the N.I.A. He did not reply to us so willingly. Though it is for certain on what will come next to add more bloodshed to this war. That's by having our Men and Women fight to earn back their homes by the Tyrants called the Mageran Republic. Please stand-by for more Information to come very soon. 

- Written by James Cooke. Alliance Journalist


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Article #04
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