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 Article #01

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PostSubject: Article #01   Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:44 pm

Breaking News: Civillian Colonies set ablaze.

Many dead, thousands wounded.

As you see above, this is no disaster caused by the Alliance or a cheap mistake. What you see above is one of the reasons why we fight the enemy. At 05:00 Universe time, the main Colony. Great Boston was attacked by the opposing Megaera forces. Bodies were burnt, hung, decapitated. Along with so many ways of death. The Megaera forces swept through the colony killing and wounded most people in their sights. High government officials of these colonies were the main target which authorities claim of the main focus on their attack.  All of the government authorities were either taken away or killed where they stood. This is a pain everyone will have to suffer. Both citizens and civilians alike. Slaughtered by these vicious, foul creatures. 

As of this event. Sky Marshal Alexander Frederic announced today at a conference with the military generals of the Alliances forces. His response to this attack as follows:-

"As of 05:00 hours. Many of the civilians of the great and noble Alliance were put to death by the dogs known as the Megaera New Republic. These dogs will be put into the ground for what they have caused. May all of the actions they have caused will be swept away by the power and the might of the Alliance. May everyone here and around the world come together and get ready for the attack and the clean up of these treacherous Human beings. May they pray to their Gods as we bring our war and our hatred to them. 

We will fight them where they stand. Where they live, where they breed. And we will make sure their entire existence is wiped off the face of Colossus 2. We will never give up to their demands. And we will bring what shall be brought. Peace and harmony will be brought to these planets. All that oppose the Alliance will be put to death. We shall stand together as one as we have before and we will destroy them..."

As from his speech, many people are ready and waiting for recruitment. Many soldiers are beginning to train for this mass attack against the Megaera Forces. Many are ready to fight for their families and friends who died their. Many are also ready to avenge those civilians who died at the Mageran hands. 

- Written by James Cooke. Alliance Journalist


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Article #01
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