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PostSubject: :: N.I.A. Database :: - :: Planet Database :: Mordred XI   Wed Feb 26, 2014 1:05 pm

Mordred XI - W.I.P

M-9 Retrieval and Police units, Produced by Ark-Steel Industries.

Planet assumed to be nearing complete pollution of atmosphere. Land and water have already been turned to poisonous waste.

Year Founded:- 2203

Founders:- New International Alliance Exploration Team / Creation of Colony and the Terraforming of the planet funded and enacted by Ark-Steel Industries.

Capital City:- Production District #5, Nicknamed 'Assembly' by workers and planetary police force alike.

One Planetary Rotation:- 59 Standard Hours


43.3ºC = 110.640ºF Average [Day]
26.66ºC = 80.900ºF Average [Night]

Current Population:-

Pre-A.M.W - 2,674,342,160 and rising
Current-A.M.W - 8,790,439,848 and rising.

Police Force:-

Pre-A.M.W - Mordred XI Military Police Force[M-9]
Current-A.M.W -Mordred XI Military Police Force / Mordred XI-N.I.A. Training Facility

Main production facilities:-

Facility #1 'Gearbox' (Pop. 1,408,078,287 and rising. )
Facility #2 'Haven'(Pop. 1,584,010,478 and rising.)
Facility #3 'Current' (Pop. 1,034,872,006 and rising)
Facility #4 'Surge'(Pop. 997,785,345 and rising )
Facility #5 'Assembly' (Pop. 2,458,639,441 and rising )
Facility #6 'Illumination' (Pop. 2,005,275,987)
Facility #7 'Fragment'(Pop. 1,307,054,291 and rising. )

Main Exports:- War machines: Tanks, Rifles, Airborne Vehicles, Armor, Soldiers.


Key Features:- Mordrex XI was one a beautiful, virile planet. It was once covered in lush forests and large, rocky mountainsides. These have been obliterated and used as materials to supply and fuel the factories. The planet's ocean water has been used as both a dumping ground for the production facilities' waste, as well as coolant to keep reactors and other key components of the facilities from burning up. The water is now a sickly green and highly acidic. The forests cut down and the mountains mined out for their minerals, the planet is polluted to the core. Recently, acid rain has begun to fall, creating a need for an early-warning weather system in order to avoid unwanted casualties in the workforce. [/font]

Planet Backstory:
Mordred XI was a planet discovered during a joint-operation between Ark-Steel Production Industries and the N.I.A. Exploration and Colonization unit. First contact on the planet's surface was made in 2201, and was undertaken by a small group of Ark-Steel geologists intent on gathering surface samples to obtain and study. The mission went off without a hitch, and what they found was nothing short of amazing.

What the scientists discovered upon returning to analyze the samples, was an almost literal goldmine. Mordred XI was bristling with tons upon tons of ores and materials, and Ark-Steel pounced on it like a Lion assaulting a wounded zebra.

Within months Ark-steel began the creation and deployment of a new type of system their engineers had been working on called the 'ODF', or, Orbital Drop Factory. These were gigantic ship-sized machines equipped with engines, and were essentially nothing but floating, uninhabited cities of production. Sixteen were sent to Mordred XI and launched down to the surface and of the original 16, only 7 survived planet-fall and impact. However, this was an acceptable loss for Ark-Steel, for the riches within the planet were far worth any miscalculation, any failed operation. It was a treasure trove of industry, and Ark-steel was hellbent on obtaining every last ounce of salvageable materials from the planet.

Their dirty work began a week after the surviving Factories had their systems booted up and repaired. Furnaces roared to life, massive drills burrowed deep within the planet's surface, trees hacked down to burn as fuel, the planet was ravaged. And as the years wore on, the planet began to change. The factories' output of toxic chemicals were dumped directly into the planet's oceans, which over the years, turned them into literal acid baths that could dissolve the skin upon contact. The mountains became hollow, mined from the inside out for their precious materials, and soon collapsed, and the atmosphere began turning darker and darker as the smoke, fog, and other pollutants from the factory flooded the environment. Eventually turning Mordred XI into a hellscape of disease and death, and this would only become worse as time went on.

Upon getting message that the NIA had officially declared war upon the Mageran forces, Ark-Steel shifted all production towards war. The assembly lines churning out belt after belt of ammunition, box after box of rifles and weaponry. Tanks were driven out of Factory districts 1 and 4 by the thousands, and the world grew ever darker with the stench and disease of pollution.

The factories of Mordred XI were dangerous, the constant deaths by accidents at the machinery eventually became so common-place, that each Factory-Facility was built a cremation center to dispose of the corpses. The remains would then be filtered out and dispersed across the planet, effectively creating a near-permanent 'rain' of human ash, and it was after the implementation of these Corpse-factories that Ark-Steel realized they were sitting upon yet another large quantity of unused resources. The orphans who's families had been slaughtered by the factories.

They set upon them immediately, children between the ages of 10 and 17 were taken and forced into a system of Military Orphanages, each equipped with its own security and training force. These children would then be drilled and trained into soldiers, and after their training was completed and they came of age, they were sent off as soldiers of the N.I.A, Strict and uncaring, taught only how to kill and ordered to fight for the NIA unto death.


Side-note: Will be working on my wording for this backstory, as well as re-creating parts I don't like. I originally had a working backstory, but for some reason it was deleted and I forgot about it entirely. Whooops.

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PostSubject: Re: :: N.I.A. Database :: - :: Planet Database :: Mordred XI   Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:40 pm

Ayyy, sweet. This sounds like a pretty interesting place.

So this is where all the edge-squads come from? xD.

Can't wait to see the picture. You've fleshed it out well with words as it is but I still gotta take a real peek at Mordred 9
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:: N.I.A. Database :: - :: Planet Database :: Mordred XI
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