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 :: N.I.A Database :: - E.S Liberta - D-Class Assault Carrier

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PostSubject: :: N.I.A Database :: - E.S Liberta - D-Class Assault Carrier   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:50 am

Welcome to the N.I.A Database - Please Login to ensure full confirmation.




Login Confirmed! Welcome XXX. XXXXXXX XXXX

*OPENING FILE - "E.S Liberta


Name Of the Ship:- E.S Liberta
Class:- Class B Destroyer

Minor Details -

Date Created:- 2235
Date Launched:- 2240
Curren/Known Captains:- Captain Kilik Makarov
Known Crew:- N/A

Ship Details -

Overall Length:- 630 Meters
Overall Width- 200 Meters
Power Core:- Class B Nuclear Cores [Heavily Protected]


Main Bridge
Medium Sized Hangers X2
20 Large Drop Pods
Multiple Barracks Room
Mess Hall
Medical Bay
2X Large Storage Rooms

Defence Armaments:-
Main Weapon - Anti-Ship Turret
2-Barrel Main Gun Turret
Secondary Gun Turret
2-Barrel Secondary Gun Turret
3-Barrel Secondary Gun Turret
2-Barrel Tertiary Gun Turret
3-Barrel Tertiary Gun Turret
20 Anti-Aircraft Guns


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【Okarin】: xD
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[SN-O] Archer: LOL
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:: N.I.A Database :: - E.S Liberta - D-Class Assault Carrier
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