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 :: N.I.A Database :: - `Buzzard` - Heavy Transport Aircraft

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PostSubject: :: N.I.A Database :: - `Buzzard` - Heavy Transport Aircraft   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:50 am

Welcome to the N.I.A Database - Please Login to ensure full confirmation.




Login Confirmed! Welcome XXX. XXXXXXX XXXX

*OPENING FILE - "`Buzzard`" 


Description: The `Buzzard` or the MK IV Buzzard is mainly designed for Heavy Transport of infantry and also heavy cargo transport. It is able to pull off multiple jobs at the same time also. This aircraft is able to carry a full heavy armored vehicle while maintaining infantry inside at a safe level. The heavy transport is barely effected by the weight of the vehicle due to its size, as well as the engines attached. The Buzzard has mainly been used by the N.I.A for all occasions necessary, this has to do with both Civilian jobs, military uses and for disaster clean up which happens from time to time ranging from colonies and also disasters back at earth. Though the heavy transport may look pretty bulky and armored. Sadly the MK IV hasn't has it's armor adapted to the modern day missiles. Usually when it's hit it'll be put down by an Anti-Aircraft missile in one go. Though developments are going forward to improve the Armour for the MK V Buzzard to call it's strength back. Though there is no problem with the current version, it has heavy enough Armour to protect those inside from firearms of all calibers and has the ability to protect anybody inside from any hazardous materials, this being a somewhat ideal aircraft to go into a hazardous environment. Though one of it's main weaknesses is it's inability to maneuver targets due to it's size.

Standard Information:-

Name Of Aircraft: `Buzzard` - Mk IV Buzzard
Class: Heavy Transport Aircraft
[Alliance Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company]

Technical Information:-

Passengers: x10 Units
Cargo Extra [Can Hold]:One Armored Vehicle W/ 10x Units [Only]
One Light Transport W/ 10x Units [Only]
Ammunition [Heavy] + Light/Armored Vehicle [Only]
Crew:One Pilot
Engines:Dual Twin engines located on the middle section of the dropship.
They're designed to keep the aircraft afloat even at very
high altitudes.
Shielding:Ability to protect occupants from dangerous toxins/environments.
Heavy armor is also present to protect from rockets/firearms.

N.I.A Naval Forces
Mageran Republic - Captured - Usually Colored Black
Usage:Heavy Transport | Heavy Cargo |


Notable Usage:-


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:: N.I.A Database :: - `Buzzard` - Heavy Transport Aircraft
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