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 Mars Orbiting Colony, AKA M31.

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PostSubject: Mars Orbiting Colony, AKA M31.   Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:56 pm

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Colony Name: Mars Orbiting Colony 31(MARS-CO31), or M31
Colony Type: Orbital City
Status: Currently running smoothly, ports being guarded by N.I.A issued security/M-CO Sec.


This Orbital Space City was the 31st, and also the first successful attempt at creating a healthy living environment that perfectly, and completely orbits Mars. It was first established in 2201, and completely built by 2216. M31's first section was actually, however, a mining facility. The first living areas were built just after. It now has over 5 billion residents, each from their own diverse background. (Census - Year 2230.)

Notable Areas:-

Shopping Quarter (The Mall.) - M31's shopping district started out as essential product sales, so it wouldn't need to have constant shipments. It soon grew to be the second largest quarter of the entire ring, just coming under the living areas.
Its shopping district is now one of the largest shopping malls in the entire universe.

Solar Gardens - The solar gardens are a large complex, that has been basically made into a slice of Earth above Mars. It uses mirrors that span the entire ring to capture sunlight and send it straight into stabilizers that let the light flow around inside the huge glass dome, otherwise known as the Solar Gardens. It has a large tree that is the equivalent height of a 9 story tall building.

The Kahn - The Kahn is a small bar, although very, very popular among the residents of M31. Its owner is a professional when it comes to drink mixing, and there are almost too many combinations!

Mining Facilities - The first build part of M31, and also the main source of energy other than solar energy. It uses large lasers to mine huge holes into the ground, in which mine ships are sent down with numerous amounts of workers, to mine valuable resources.

Mining Facilities, Outer. _>

NOTES: Feel free to use M31 ICly, as a birthplace, vacation location, or anything else. Its free!
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Mars Orbiting Colony, AKA M31.
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