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 :: N.I.A Database :: - CR-108 Burstfire Rifle - Assault Rifle

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PostSubject: :: N.I.A Database :: - CR-108 Burstfire Rifle - Assault Rifle   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:43 am

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*OPENING FILE - CR-108 Burstfire Rifle*
 :: CR-108 - Information ::

Name:- CR-108
Manufacturer: Combat Combined Corp. (CCC)
Caliber:- 7.62x51 Full Metal Jacket Rounds
Action:- Bullpup, Gas-Operated Rotating-Bolt
Magazine:- 32 Rounds
Rate of Fire:- 2.4 Bursts per Second
Fire Mode/s:- Three-Round Burst [Only]

Development:- The CR-108 is a direct descendant of the MR.DMR Mk.III Designated Marksmen rifle. Apart from the decrease of power and having the inability to do precise shots from a-far with major success like the Mk.III. The CR-108 was created in mind to create a burst-fire rifle for Alliance Forces. Whilst still keeping an almost similar amount of range and accuracy as the Mr.DMR Mk.III did. This rifle, being younger then the Mr.DMR. It has saw only light service in the Alliance / Mageran War. Though with notable usages inside the Colossus and Atlas Campaign, it has already proved its worth with Alliance Forces from all branches. Though with the success of this rifle, the materials and the cost of production of the CR-108 have been limited to only be made in small numbers, though at the moment alternatives are being researched to make the CR-108 a more mass produced weapon for the Alliance. Apart from the high-cost and low production, it has been usually designated to be given to Squad Leaders and others above the ranks to provide them with a lighter rifle then the common XM589.


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:: N.I.A Database :: - CR-108 Burstfire Rifle - Assault Rifle
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