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 :: N.I.A Database :: - AMSR Mk.V - Anti-Material Rifle

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PostSubject: :: N.I.A Database :: - AMSR Mk.V - Anti-Material Rifle   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:38 am

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*OPENING FILE - AMSR Mk.V - Anti-Materiel Rifle*
 :: AMSR Mk.V - Information ::

Name:- AMSR Mk.V
Manufacturer: MSA Industries
Caliber:- .50 BMG
Action:- Gas-Operated
Magazine:- 5 Rounds
Fire Mode/s:- Semi-Automatic

Notes:- Equipped with a telescopic high power scope to aid in engaging distant targets. Comes equipped with an advanced butt stock equipped with state of the art recoil dampeners along with a bipod to support the weapon.

Development:- The AMSR was developed to assist on taking out long range targets from a-far whilst also providing precision accuracy on armored and dangerous targets. This rifle was created to modernize the Snipers ability to cause enough damage against any target they decide to fire at. Though, this rifle is heavy and the ammunition is also heavy to carry also. It is recommended that two people operate this rifle and handle at a time in order to carry it due to its weight. This weapon has seen a lot of action during some of the conflicts of the Xenomorph hordes during the Expansion of the New International Alliance. Though the origins of the rifle derive from the 21st Century Barrett M107. Though as seen, attempting to use better systems to lower the weight of the rifle and firing from longer ranges. The AMSR series has been upgraded since it's adoption during the Formation of the New International Alliance. The Mark V being the most modernized version of them yet. Able to piece the armor of a standard Main Battle Tank if fired in the correct place with the correct marksmen operating it. 


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:: N.I.A Database :: - AMSR Mk.V - Anti-Material Rifle
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